oly-fun™ Beach Bag

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Summer is around the corner and sometimes we might just need a few extra hands or bags to carry all those beach toys to the ocean. With this fun, lightweight bag, the children will be lining up to help carry supplies. oly-fun™ dries fast so once you’re back home, simply brush off the sand and set aside to dry. Decorate with the theme of your choice.

What you need to make this project

oly-fun™ Sea Green 1 1/4 yard
oly-fun™ Orange Crush 1/4 yard
oly-fun™ Sky Blue 1/2 yard
oly-fun™ Lemon Drop
3/16 Cable Cord - 4 yards
Babyville Boutique™ Snap Pliers & Size 24 snaps - three
Sewing Machine
Basic sewing, cutting, measuring, & pressing tools and supplies

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Step One

Cut the following pieces from oly-fun™
Sea Green – One 40 inch by 20 inch rectangle for bag
Orange Crush – One 12 inch by 20 inch rectangle for the outside pocket
Sky Blue – One 15.5 inch by 20 inch rectangle for the pocket lining
Lemon Drop – Two 1.5 inch by 20 inch rectangles for the cording channels and two 3 inch by 4 inch rectangles for the bottom cording loops
Assorted motifs to embellish the bag. Patterns for the different motifs can be obtained through internet clipart, coloring books or by using a Sizzix® Big Shot™ die cut machine and dies.
There is no right or wrong side to oly-fun™ however it is best to choose one side and designate that as your right side so that all pieces match. When pressing oly-fun™ set your iron on synthetic and always use a pressing cloth.

Step Two

Turn under the top and bottom edges of the Sea Foam oly-fun™ 1 inch, press and then turn over another inch. Top stitch two rows spaced 1/8 of an inch apart along the inside folded edge. Diagram A
Diagrams have been provided.
oly-fun™ Beach Bag

Step Three

With right sides together, stitch the pocket to the pocket lining along the top edge using a ½ inch seam. Turn right sides out, match the bottom edges and press. Note: The top edge will now be Sky Blue. Diagram B

Step Four

Top stitch desired motifs to the front of the pocket. Diagram C

Step Five

Place the pocket on top of the bag front and top stitch along the bottom edge, sewing two rows spaced 1/8 of an inch apart. Pin the edges of the pocket to the front sides of the bag. Diagram D

Step Six

Fold bottom cording loops in half lengthwise and press. Fold each of the sides towards the center fold and press once again. Top stitch down either side of the cording loop. Fold in half and pin to the bottom edge of the pocket on either side of the bag. Diagram E

Step Seven

Turn under the short ends of the cording channel 1 ½ of an inch and press. Top stitch each of the folded ends, sewing two rows spaced 1/8 of an inch apart. Diagram F

Step Eight

Place the cording channels over the first row of top stitching on the bag front and bag back, centering the channel. Top stitch along each edge, sewing two rows spaced 1/8 of an inch apart. Diagram G

Step Nine

Mark the spacing of the Dritz® Babyville Boutique® snaps on the bag front and bag pocket. Following the manufacturer’s directions and using the Babyville Boutique® apply the snaps. Cut two 2 inch squares for each of the snaps you apply. Place the squares behind where the snap will be placed on the front side of the bag. This will help reinforce the snap area. Diagram H

Step Ten

With right sides together stitch the bag front and back using a ½ inch seam. Repeat stitching a ¼ inch seam. Diagram I

Step Eleven

Cut two lengths of cable cord 2 yards each. Using a large safety pin thread the first cord starting on the left front edge of the bag and feeding the cord around through the back of the back, exiting out the same side of the bag as you started. Feed one of the cords through the loop at the bottom of the bag. Tie the two cord ends together. Repeat using the second length of cord and starting on the right front edge of the bag. Diagram J