Budget Photo Backdrop Ideas for Sellers

seller backdrop ideas

Makers and sellers are gearing up for the biggest shopping season of the year! If you’re like me, you’ve been busy sprucing up your listings to prepare for the holidays. No matter how amazing your handcrafted product is, the photos are what will sell it. It can be challenging ( and expensive) to come up with beautiful backdrops for your photography. Here are four inexpensive and easy to find items from Fairfield World that are perfect for product photography. These budget photo backdrop ideas for sellers will help you showcase your holiday items.

fluffy snow photos

The easiest way to create a winter wonderland is with Fluffy Snow. Regular Poly-Fil is amazing for clouds and larger snowy backdrops, but for smaller items and close ups, I go with the snow. I love Fluffy Snow because it comes in a roll that is easy to set up and then roll back up again, so you can keep it safe between photo shoots. I also love how bright and white it is, so you can really highlight what you are selling.

Poly-Fil® Fluffy Snow is unbelievably light and looks just like freshly fallen snow! One bag can cover up to 24 square feet, so you can use it to showcase larger items as well as smaller handicrafts. While I used it as a flat backdrop in this image, I’ve also used to to create a landscape that I can display products on. Save some for your photo backdrop needs, and take the rest to your next craft show to decorate your booth with!

project fleece

A solid white background for product photography has long been the gold standard. You might have noticed that with some vinyl backdrops you’ll get a glare or even a blue or gray hue. I like to use Project Fleece to create a soft background that always looks white and dreamy. To create this backdrop, I set a table near the wall and leaned a sheet of foam board against the wall. I unrolled a small pack of Poly-Fil Project Fleece Batting and covered the table and foam board with it, using clothespins to hold the batting in place. As you can see in the photo above, the batting creates a seamless backdrop for my handmade wands. When I’m done, all I have to do is roll the batting back up, and it hardly takes up any space! I use the 45″ by 60″ batting for tabletop projects, and larger sizes are available to create bigger backdrops.

poly pellets

To photograph smaller items, like handmade jewelry and magnets, you can create an interesting backdrop with Poly-Pellets. Available in a variety of sizes, most sellers will only need a little bag to create eye-catching photo backdrops. These tiny weighted pellets are made with 100% polypropylene and typically used to shape soft crafts, but I think they’re too pretty to always hide inside a project! All the pellets have a smooth edge with an oval contour and a soft, light color that diffuses light. I poured mine on a white platter to take the photo above, but you could experiment with a colored base of even lights under the pellets to create a variety of unique photo backgrounds. The pellets cradle your home made products, so they are perfect for rounded items, like pendants and bracelets, that might slide around on a flat, even surface.

micro beads backdrop

Poly-Fil Mini Sized Micro Beads are infinitely cute and look like teeny tiny snowballs! They create the perfect snowy backdrop for paper crafts and light items. I poured just enough to cover the base of a white platter, and then I set my free printable tags on top of the Micro Beads for my photographs. These itty bitty beads will help showcase your handmade cards, bookmarks, rings, and other delicate items.

budget backdrops for sellers

These snowy white Fairfield items are perfect for product photography backdrops, especially during the holidays. I also like to use the larger sizes of many of these products to create larger photo backdrops for photo booths. Be sure to check back next week for more fun ways that Fairfield World can help you create unforgettable photo backdrops!

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