Oly-fun in NEW sizes Craft Sheets

Oly-fun in is now available in NEW sizes and NEW locations.  Our everything material – oly*fun is a specially engineered material that features some of the best things about fabrics AND papers.  There is no grain to oly*fun, so you can cut it any which way you want. There is no need to pre-wash, as there is no sizing or shrinkage. Use a simple stitch to attach pieces together, and hem only if you want. oly*fun will not fray.
Oly*Fun is now in over 3000 Walmart stores as a cut by the yard fabric. It is in every store that has fabric by the yard. All of these stores have four top colors –  sky blue, black, blueberry and lemon drop, and over 750 stores have a larger collection of 10 colors.



Olyfun on the bolt sky blue Olyfun on the bolt jet black Olyfun on the bolt blueberry Olyfun on the bolt lemon drop





“Oly*Fun is now readily available where you buy fabric – at Joann, Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Look for it today!” Oly*fun is sold on bolts and in quick grab and go packages. The bolted material is 60 inches wide and can be cut to whatever length you like. The grab and go package is 20 inches wide and includes 3 yards of material and there are 18 bold colors mix and match for every season and for every team.

Oly*Fun Craft Sheets are now in many Joann Fabrics stores, 440 stores to be exact and hopefully you have one near you.   Oly*Fun Craft Sheets are pre-cut 12×12 sheets of Oly*fun packed in sets of three. So they are nice and flat and ready for all sorts of crafts.   You can use Oly*Fun like felt, fabric or paper. The sheets work great with digital die cut systems and manual die cut systems too.  Look for the sheets hanging in the General Crafts department near felt, sequins, pom-poms and chenille stems.

bubblegum orchid skyblue gray craft sheets





If you cannot find Oly*Fun near you then you are welcome to shop in our online store.

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