No-Sew Poinsettia Wreath

No-Sew Poinsettia Wreath

I love poinsettias, but plants don’t last long in my house. They’re such a part of Christmas in my head, though, that I can’t pass up poinsettia decor. I realized that I didn’t have any this year, so I whipped up a quick No-Sew Poinsettia Wreath.

No-Sew Poinsettia Wreath

To make the Poinsettia wreath, you will need:

  • wreath form
  • Cherry Pop and Pine Oly*Fun (Note Pine Oly-fun has been discontinued, we recommend using Clover or Kiwi in place of Pine for a vibrant green in your wreath.
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • red yarn pom poms


Instructions for Poinsettia Wreath:

To start, I cut my Pine Oly*Fun lengthwise into roughly 1.5″ strips. I then wrapped the strips around my wreath form and attached the final bit with a straight pin.

cut Oly*Fun lengthwise


wrap the wreath

attach with straight pin

Next, I took the Cherry Pop Oly*Fun and cut petals. I just freehanded petal shapes and they roughly varied in sizes between 2″-3″.

red Oly*Fun

petal shape

pile of petals

To make the poinsettias for the wreath, I arranged five petals in a flower shape. I then did two more layers of petals to flesh out the flower. I attached the pom pom to the center, sticking a straight pin through it directly into the wreath. You can use glue if you would like but a straight pin works just fine too.




Continue until you have as many poinsettias on the wreath as you want!  You could cluster them in a corner as an accent, space them out evenly or go crazy and cover the entire wreath form with them.


To finish of the poinsettia wreath, I looped a bit of a leftover strip of the Pine Oly*Fun around the top for hanging and attached a last poinsettia to it.

No-Sew Poinsettia Wreath

This No-Sew Poinsettia Wreath is such a fast make and I don’t need to worry about watering it! It’s a great addition to our holiday decor.  You can use the same technique with different flowers for each season.  For Fall, how pretty would yellow flowers be with a brown pom pom?  They would look like pretty sunflowers.

No-Sew Poinsettia Wreath

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  1. Ruth Cox says:

    Beautiful poinsettias! Thanks!

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