Muslin Make Dos

muslin make dos


I love to create with strips cut from fabric scraps leftover from previous projects. Recently I was plundering through my stash looking for fabric to use for some oly*fun scraps to make an apron. I realized I had several shades of muslin. The idea for some muslin make dos immediately popped into my head.

How to Make Muslin Make Dos

Here are the materials you will need to create muslin make do’s

Muslin scraps in various shades

Wood candle sticks (purchased at a craft store), wood tags

Fairfield’s Crafter’s Choice Poly-fil

Handmade embellishments

Hard embellishments of choice – I used self adhesive gem-stones

Soft embellishments of choice- I used hand dyed ribbon in pink

DecoArt Americana Acrylics- Baby Pink, Espresso

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Staz-on ink and small rubber stamp sentiments

Rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat, scissors

Sewing machine and thread


Iron and pressing surface

muslin make dos

So what is a “make do” exactly? Where did “make-do’s” originate from? I did some light research on and was unable to find much. I do know that artists who design in the Primitive style create a lot of “make do’s” in homage to the time when it was not always possible to run to the nearest store for decorative objects. My grandmother always preferred using what was around in order to “make do.”

I cut the muslin fabric scraps into 2 1/2″ strips using a rotary cutter.

muslin make dos

Then I sewed them together on the long edges using a 1/2″ seam allowance. I pressed the seams open and eventually ended up with a finished sewn piece that measured about 14″ x 9.” Your finished size will depend on the size your want your stuffed shape to be. But be careful not to make it too big as the candlestick will only tolerate so much weight.

stuff with polyfil

muslin make dos


When I had two of these pieces (on for the front and one for the back) I freehand cut heart shapes and sewed them together using a 1/2″ seam allowance on the edges. Then I stuffed the shapes with poly-fil. Notice I left a small opening at the bottom for the stuffing and also to attach the shape to the candlestick.

muslin make dos

To finish the muslin make dos, I used inserted the painted candlestick into the opening of the heart and secured it using a glue gun and glue sticks. The pearl embellishment that looks like a vintage brooch was created from inexpensive plastic pearls and a glue gun. A painted and stamped wood tag adds even more details to the make do.

embellie close up

If you don’t want to make these using heart shapes, you can easily cut other simple shapes such as circles, ovals, birds or flowers. If you have large die cuts then they can be used as well. There are lots of options for customizing your make dos! Thanks for joining us today. We hope we inspired you.

Live Life Creatively,


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