Meet the Pro: Luke Haynes

Each month, the team at Fairfield World likes to introduce a different artist from our community of makers and for this month’s installment of our “Meet the Pro” series we are delighted to share the work of Luke Haynes with you.  Luke was gracious enough to take over Fairfield World’s Instagram feed not too long ago (click HERE so you can follow us!) and we were amazed with his talent.

Luke Haynes is an architect turned quilter.  His strong art and design background influences his quilting style strongly.  His work is shown primarily in fine art galleries, where he is introducing the art of quilting to a new audience, ones who may not be aware of the rich history and tradition behind quilts.

Luke Haynes - americana flag quilt

Luke Haynes enjoys working with fabric from clothing to create stories.  People put a great deal of thought into their clothes, which they use to both conceal their bodies and express themselves.  Clothes turned into quilts create images and scenes that tell a story and by quilting, he is creating a dialogue between the environments he creates and the environments he inhabits.


He says, “The resultant dialogue between quilting as a pastime of assembling purchased fabrics and quilting as a skill of constructing usable object from unusable cloth reflects a current societal tension.  For each viewer the alchemy is within the craftsmanship and creative eye of the quilter and their work, as demonstrated in the Gee’s Bend Quilts.  They were brought into national attention as they toured the country through contemporary art museums and galleries.  Those quilts constructed for warmth from overused cloth became intriguing art objects.”


In Luke’s 2012 series entitled “The American Context”, pieces of fabric from used clothes are made into quilts of iconic images from American art. This is a series that collides quilts and painting.  We are featuring several of those quilts in this post, and you can see more works from the American Context series by clicking HERE.


You can see more of Luke’s work and visit his blog at LUKEHAYNES.COM and you can save your favorites to Pinterest from our board Luke Haynes and Fairfield.


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