In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb: Embracing March Projects

lion and lamb march projects to make

As the cold grip of winter begins to loosen, March ushers in a period of changing weather patterns, capturing the essence of the age-old adage, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” This poetic expression likely began as a reference to astronomy, with the positions of the constellations Leo the lion and Aries the ram/lamb in the night sky. Today it symbolizes the dynamic shift from the harshness of winter to the gentleness of spring. For us it presents the perfect opportunity to focus on lion and lamb March projects! Check out these fun ideas that feature lions or lambs (or both)! We hope one of them inspires you to create with Fairfield World at the heart of your project!

Lion Themed March Projects to Try

mini lion

Free Mini Crochet Lion Pattern

This adorable little lion has a cute, curly mane! Poly-Fil Mini Sized Micro Beads sewn into a pouch will turn this project into a fun sensory toy!

lion march projects

Laurence Lion Free Amigurumi Pattern

This sweet lion would make the perfect gift for a little one! Grab Poly-Fil Crafter’s Choice Dry Packing Fiber Fill for this DIY. This polyester fiberfill has not been treated with silicone so the fiber has a coarse texture that packs firmly, allowing you to stuff it into small spaces with a stuffing tool without the fiber “popping” out of place.

lion pattern

Majestic Lion Paper Piecing Quilt

While not a free pattern, this stunning pattern was to pretty to leave off this list! A great interfacing option for quilt paper piecing projects like this one is Stick Double Sided Fusible Interfacing. It works like glue without adding bulk.

felt lion stuffie march projects

Lion Stuffie Free Pattern

This felt little lion is a versatile piece that you can make to decorate a nursery or create mobiles with. It’s a good project to make with kids who want to learn how to make stuffies, too.

amigurumi lion

Amigurumi Lion Free Pattern

Crochet a lounging lion who is sprawled out under the sun, watching the clouds go by. You can even fill it with Poly-Fil Poly Pellets to create a cute door stopper or weighted toy.

lion with mane plush

Plush Amigurumi Lion with Mane Free Pattern

I love the curly mane on this lion plush toy! The free pattern includes a supply list so you’ll know exactly what yarn is needed to create this effect.

lion mat DIY

Plush Lion Mat Free Pattern

Kids will have a blast lounging on this snuggly, plush lion mat! Use a thick batting to make this project as cushiony as possible.

lion baby rattle

Lion Baby Rattle

Crochet your way to cuteness with this baby rattle project! It will be a hit at baby showers!

Lamb Themed Projects You Will Love to Make

lamb plush march projects

Cuddly Toy Lamb Free Pattern

Create a cuddly lamb that works both as a toy and as a pillow. It’s also a great take along for long car rides! Poly-Fil Fiber Fill is the perfect filler for large plush projects like this one.

black sheep pattern

Black Sheep Free Pattern

Baa baa black sheep! This recreation of the popular nursery rhyme will be well loved thanks to the soft texture.

sock sheep

Sock Sheep Tutorial with Pattern

Sam the Sock Sheep is such a cutie that you won’t be able to make just one! Round up some of your maker friends and spend a crafternoon making lambs!

lamb ornament

Lamb Ornament DIY

It’s not Christmas, but this lamb ornament project can be useful even now! It would make a fun and unexpected addition to an Easter tree. I’d also love to have one hanging from the rear view mirror in my car! Poly-Fil Crafter’s Choice Dry Packing Fiber Fill will help fill these little lambs out.

fluffy sheep march projects

Fluffy Sheep Toy

Break out your plush scraps to make this little bundles of fleece! These adorable fluffy sheep would be perfect to add to Easter baskets.

amigurumi sheep

Amigurumi Sheep Key Chain with Free Pattern

Create the cutest keychains with this free pattern and tutorial. They’re just right for Spring and Easter!

crochet sheep march projects

Crochet Sheep Free Pattern

These little fluff balls are quick to make. Fluff them up with Poly-Fil Fiber Fill and then add a hook to create an adorable bag tag. It could also be clipped onto Easter baskets, back packs, and more!

fluffy lamb DIY

Fluffy Lamb Free Pattern

This sweet fluffy lamb looks like a cloud! It will be light as air, too, when you use lightweight Poly-Fil Fiber Fill in this March Project!

lion and lamb march projects to make

The month has just begun, so you have lots of time to make these lion and lamb March projects! Have fun crafting and creating with Fairfield World at the heart of your projects!

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