Make a Santa Wreath for Christmas Decor

santa wreath
This fluffy, jolly Santa wreath is so easy to make!  Grab some Oly*Fun and Poly-Fil and make this holly, jolly Santa wreath for a fun piece of Christmas decor.  It is so easy and fun and the kids can get in on the creativity too.  You could hang one on each child’s door.

Supplies for Santa Wreath:

 hat 1hat 2
Step one:  Pin the red Oly*Fun fabric around the top of the wreath form.  Fold the fabric into a triangle shape, then pin the corner onto the front side to make Santa’s hat.
 beard 1
Step two:  Pin a strip of white ribbon where the mustache will go.
 beard 2
Step three:  Use the glue gun to adhere the Poly-Fil to the wreath form.  I recommend using Ad-Tech’s styrofoam glue gun sticks.  First glue a ball on the end of the hat.  Then glue two strands onto the ribbon to make the mustache.  Finally, glue tufts of Poly-Fil on to make a full beard.  Fluff as needed.  You can also make the beard fluffier or longer, depending on the look you want to give to your santa.
santa wreath diy
This fluffy Santa wreath made my 3 year old squeal with delight!  It’s so quick and easy to make that you can have one done in no time!  This wreath would make fun party decor, or even a cute photo prop, if you already have a Christmas wreath on your door.  Have fun crafting and creating!

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