Ikea Hack: Fabric Doors made with Project Foam

Ikea Hack Doors
I’ve had this Ikea shelf in my playroom/movie room for some time, and I’ve always wanted doors for the panels.  I like my junk hidden so the room can have the appearance of order (even if what’s behind the door is a mess!) The options at Ikea are pretty but pricey, so I’ve been looking for a way to make my own.  I found a solution that is both attractive and kid safe!  I used Project Foam with Foamology tikes to make doors that are sturdy and soft, so little ones won’t get hurt.



Step one:  Cut the fabric into pieces that are 25 inches by 18 inches.
 step one
Step two:  Cut the Project Foam into 13 inch squares.
 step 2
Step three:  Place the fabric right side down on your work surface.  Set the Project Foam on top, and back it with the Foamology tile.
 step 3 step 4
Step four:  Remove the backing from the Foamology tile, and fold the fabric over the foam square, as if you’re wrapping a present.  The sticky backing will hold the fabric in place.
 step 5 step 6
Step five:  Sew a button to the fabric front, and glue an embellishment on if desired.  This will be the “knob” for the panel.
close up
The square panels fit perfectly in each compartment!  My kids can pull on the “knob” to pop out the panel and access the bins inside, and replace the panel when they’re done. No sharp corners or protruding doors to worry about, and I can easily change the fabric when I redecorate the room or move the shelf to another space!
DIy Ikea Hack


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