Handmade Holiday craft ideas

DCC Handmade Holiday

Handmade Holiday craft ideas for gift giving by the Designer Craft Connection.  Join us  as they share their creations made by hand for this holiday season.   The items they made are using the Fairfield Poly-Fil® line.  Crafters have made Poly-Fil® the best selling polyester fiberfill in America. A unique process explodes the special blend of 100% polyester fibers creating an extraordinary resilience that maintains its integrity through countless launderings. Use for all types of craft and home décor projects.  And the Designer Crafts Connection is no exception to the rule.  They have used Poly-Fil® in a variety of applications in hopes of inspiring you to make your holiday celebrations a bit more handmade.

Each designer has created something that is from their heart and makes them happy. Crafting is about making joy and sharing that joy with others. We hope you can create some joy this holiday season when you create handmade holiday decorations and gifts.


We will be giving away a 12 oz bag of Nature-fil blend fiberfill. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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