Halloween Countdown with Oly-Fun

Halloween Countdown -free printable Follow the ghost as he countsdown to Halloween day!

Halloween Countdown - Follow the ghost as he countsdown to Halloween day!

My kids absolutely love using countdowns to holidays and Halloween is no exception! I designed this fun Halloween Countdown banner because I knew my kids would get a kick out of moving the ghost down each window until he reached the door on Halloween day.

Using Oly*Fun totally made this the easiest fabric banner ever. To save on time and energy, I used adhesives to create this banner but feel free to sew it together instead. Oly*Fun will work either way!

Halloween Countdown with Oly*Fun


  • Oly*Fun Grab & Go (Orange Crush, Lemon Drop, Twilight, Jelly, Jet Black, Slate, Snow White, Pine, Hot Fudge)
  • Cutting Machine (optional but helpful!)
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Sticker Making Machine (optional but also helpful!)
  • 12″ Dowel Rod
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Strong Mini Magnets
  • Halloween Countdown Free Printable


Instructions for Halloween Countdown

Step One. Print out the Halloween Countdown Free Printable. Follow the instructions on the first page to cut out the large pieces that are too big for the pages (background, building, grass). Affix the building and grass to the background with spray adhesive.

Halloween Countdown - Pattern
Step Two.
(optional) If available, use a cutting machine to cut out the 32 windows, panes, and fence top. It will significantly cut back on your time! Just open the pdf and select the trace tool to transfer to the machine. If you don’t have one, you can either just cut it out by hand or use a paint pen to drawn directly onto the Oly*Fun.

Halloween Countdown - Machine Cut Windows
Step Three.
Use the templates to cut out all the pieces.

Halloween Countdown - Hand cut other pieces
Step Four.
As far as assembly goes, you can either glue down each piece by hand or use one of these handy sticker making machines.

Halloween Countdown - Apply adhesive
Step Five.
Place all pieces in their appropriate position.

Halloween Countdown - Place pieces
Step Six.
After the front is complete. Wrap the top around a piece of baker’s twine and a dowel rod, glue in place.

Halloween Countdown - Dowel and String
Step Seven.
Cut out two ghost shapes, apply glue, and sandwich around a mini magnet. Repeat with a small square of scrap Oly*Fun.

Halloween Countdown - Ghost
All that’s left to do is wait for October and hang your new Halloween Countdown! Move the ghost down each day until it reaches the door on Halloween. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Morena says:

    This is wickedly cute!!

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