French Mattress Couch

French Mattress, Couch Floor cushions couch
Floor couches, cushions, and pillows are a great way to add inviting cozy spaces to your home. They can easily fill an empty corner of a room with a splash of color, become a reading nook or create quiet space for meditation. They are convenient when company comes over and portable so you can bring them outside for a dinner party or outdoor theater in the summertime. Use Fairfield Cushion or Project Foam, some Fairfield Upholstery Wrap and a medium weight home décor fabric to create this on trend, and comfortable Floor Couch. Perfect for a family room, kids room, porch, deck or dorm room.

Need some guidance on how you can create your own French Mattress couch? Click here for instructions from


Lounging on the porch - french mattress from FairfieldFrench Mattress Cushion Edges from Fairfield



French Mattress tufting Detail


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