Fall Decor Inspiration & CHALLENGE!

I don’t know about you but I ADORE going poking around at my local shops, and also online shops to gain inspiration for my next project or upcoming projects! I love seeing what is out there and then applying it to items that I can create myself. Most times, I can make two or three items (sometimes more!)  for the price of the one item I found inspiring in the shop. Today I wanted to share a handful of links to Fall decor inspiration that I thought you may find useful.

One shop that always makes my list is Pier 1. With a large assortment of styles, textures, textiles and colors Pier One Imports NEVER disappoints. I hopped on over there and found these two “sewing projects” that I thought were both sweet and could be recreated using the “feel” of the projects. Also, I had never considered making a “Mantel Scarf” before! What a great idea. 🙂

Pier One Give Thanks

Pier 1 Give Thanks Beaded Pumpkin Pillow


Natural Elegance Mantel ScarfNatural Elegance Mantel Scarf 

Another fabulous stop in my hopping around is always Pottery Barn. With it’s classic style and abundance of amazing colors and ideas, Pottery Barn is always a winner! I am by no means an artist but I loved the IDEA of painting on fabric and then creating a pillow using what you have painted!

Pottery Barn Painted Pillow Pumpkin

Painted Pumpkin Outdoor Pillow

And then this one not only struck me because of how sweet it is, I thought that my kids could take part in my “recreation inspiration” by helping me cut out leaf shapes. I was even thinking that I could use their little hands as a “leaf template” or sorts, trace them onto felt and then cut them out and use them to make the wreath part of this pillow idea. Another thing that I have noted on this pillow is that it is sold as a PILLOW COVER…that made me think “Hmmmm I really should just start making pillow covers and just use and reuse some of my pillow inserts so that I can more easily store the pillow cover for next season.”

Pottery Barn Fall Leaf Embroidered Wreath Pillow

Fall Leaf Embroidered Pillow
And a final stop that I always find inspiration from is World Market. I find they are always most inspiring in the color department. While they do give “fall colors” they always manage to throw in a few accent color along with their seasonal colors that always make me smile! I mean, just look at this great pillow…the blue – gaaaahhhh love that pop of blue!


Red & Blue Embroidered Desert Pillow

So you can see that I love to gain inspiration from things around me. Obviously it always is fun to go out and about snapping photos or jotting down notes but I thought today I would share how I gain inspiration from some of my go to online shops. Now – the challenge to you – I want to know what are YOUR go to online shops where you gain inspiration! Have you ever seen a project and thought “I could do that better/cheaper”? Did you have a “starting off point moment” where something inspired ideas and then you ran with it? Well, let’s see ’em! I would love to see what YOU CREATE when INSPIRED. Share your links! We can’t wait to see what you do!

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