Fall Address Pillow

Address Pillow final



Sometimes it may be difficult to locate the address numbers on your home. If you incorporate them as an art applique on a pillow tucked in the rocking chair on your front porch they cannot be missed. To go one step further consider dressing up this simple pillow design with seasonal flowers attached to a pin and then the pillow stays put through the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.



Poly-Fil® Soft Touch 16 inch pillow form, One half yard of chocolate brown canvas duck, One eighth yard of natural canvas duck, Heavy weight fusible web, Two yards of heavyweight cotton cord piping, Assorted flowers/ decorative leaves, One spring clasp pin, Sewing Machine, Iron, Basic sewing supplies, Glue gun.



How to:

A.  Cut one 17 inch square of chocolate brown canvas duck for the pillow front and  two 17 inch by 14 inch rectangles for the pillow back.

B.  Choose a font on the computer and print out patterns for the house numbers. Trace onto natural canvas backed with fusible web and cut out.

C.  Remove paper backing from the cut outs and fuse to the pillow front.  Using a stitch on your machine stitch around the outside edge of each of the numbers.

D.  Baste piping to the pillow front.

E.  Create a double turned one inch along one of the 14 inch edges of each of the pillow back sections.

F.  Overlap the two pillow back sections and lay on top of the pillow front right sides together. Stitch using a 1/2 inch seam. Turn right side out and press.

Fall Address Pillow

Create floral/leaf embellishment by cutting apart leaves or flowers and glue together in a pleasing manner. Glue spring clasp to the back.

Pillow Accent Front

Attach the spring clasp to the back of the floral/leaf embellishment using the glue gun. Clip the embellishment to the top left corner of the pillow and consider changing it out  to match the current season and then the  pillow becomes a permanent addition to your front porch.



I hope you found the diagrams and photographs helpful. Why not create your very own address pillow, or perhaps create one for some new homeowners in your neighborhood.  Thanks so much for stopping by,


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