Fabric Scrap Yo-Yo Pillows

fabric scrap yo yo pillows

I love the color combination of orange and pink. I stocked up on some fun quilting fabrics in these colors and used them to make several different projects. I had some scraps leftover and knew that they would be perfect for creating yo-yos so I decided to create these fabric scrap yo-yo pillows.

Materials for Fabric Scrap Yo-Yo Pillows

Home Elegance Pillow forms in size of choice

Coordinating Fabric Scraps in colors and prints of choice

Buttons in coordinating colors of choice


Beacon Adhesives Liquid-Tac

Sewing machine and thread, hand sewing needle

Rotary cutter and self healing cutting mat, scissors

template and fabric marking pen – I used a compact disk

How I made these Fabric Scrap Yo-Yo Pillows

Making yo-yo’s is super simple. It is actually a great project to teach kids’s basic hand sewing, it’s so easy. I used a compact disk to trace circles on the wrong side of the fabrics. When deciding on the size of your yo-yos, a good rule of thumb is to remember that your finished yo-yo will be about half the size of your template. Cut out your circles and sew a long running stitch about 1/4″ from the edge of the circle. Then pull the stitch to gather and shape your yo-yo.

To make the solid cover, I cut some of the fabric in various sizes using the rotary cutter and mat.  Then I sewed them together patchwork style.

fabric scrap yo yo pillow

You will need to determine how big your pillow cover needs to be and then make a rectangle or square and add 1 1/2″ to the edges. If I had some strips that came up a little short, I patchworked them on the short edges as well as the long. When doing this, you will need to patchwork the short edges together first and then sew the long edges together.

fabric scrap yo yo pillows

I love the look of free motion sewing and added this to the solid strips.

Then, I added the sewn yo yos with hand stitches and decorated the centers with buttons and embellishments.

fabric scrap yo yo pillows

To create the pillow with the solid yo-yo, I simply sewed the edges together until I had enough to make a cover.

yo yo pillow 6

fabric scrap yo yo pillows

I hope we inspired you to try your own yo-yo pillows!

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