Fabric Pumpkin Round Up

fabric pumpkin round up

Fall is in the air!  I love to decorate with pumpkins in the fall, because they’re a decorative accent that last from September through Thanksgiving.  Fabric pumpkins are a great way to get your crafting fix and to create decorative accents that match your home perfectly.  Here is a fun round up of different ways you can make your own textile pumpkins!

I’ve included several variations of fabric pumpkins.  Some of these tutorials involve sewing, while many are no sew.  Some use fabric pieces, while other involve recycling used clothing.  So grab some fabric or yarn, pull out your box of Poly-Fil, and let’s make some pumpkin decor!

fabric pumpkins

Here are six fabric projects to get started with.  The no-sew projects are perfect for beginners.

recycled fabric pumpkins

I love a good up cycling project!  Here are several ways to reuse old textiles to make beautiful pumpkin decor.


Finally, here are three cute crochet pumpkins that you can make and stuff with Poly-Fil, plus an adorable candy corn tutorial that I had to include!


I found one last one and wanted to share it too.

Sculpey Pumpkin stems - New sew fabric pumpkins

No Sew Pumpkins with Polymer Clay stems


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