DIY Valentine Envelope Clutch Purse

This Valentine envelope clutch purse is perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day. You can also use it as a  decoration, an envelope for a fabric card, or a holder for all your Valentine’s when you deliver them. This tutorial shows you how to make a basic fabric envelope, which you can customize to fit your style. I made it oversized, so there is enough room to hold your essentials whether your are going on a date or out with your friends. I love a good quirky bag, as they are great conversation starters, and often encourage others to make their own versions.





TIME: 1 hour


  • Oly*Fun Grab & Go packs in Cherry Pop, Bubblegum, and Snow White
  • Red, hot pink, and white thread
  • A sewing machine – This can be done by hand if needed
  • A hand sewing needle
  • A clear quilting ruler
  • A pencil
  • Tulip fabric markers in black, pink and red – Alternatively you can use a small detail paint brush and fabric paint if you have that handy.
  • 1″ Wide white hook and loop tape
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears or decorative edge scissors


1) From the Snow White and Bubblegum Oly*Fun fabrics, cut 2 rectangles 11.5″ by 20″.

2) At one short end, find the center and mark that with a pencil. Mark the rectangle 3″ down on each long side. Connect the side and middle measurements to create two equal angles, which mimic the pointed flap of an envelope. Repeat on the other rectangle.

3) Match the two envelope panels together and pin in place. With white thread, stitch around the perimeter about 1/4″ from the edge. The white fabric will be the outside. Doubling the fabric add structure and gives a nice color pop when the finished bag is opened.

4) Fold the envelope up 7 1/4″ and hand press. Fold the flap down the meet it and hand press.

5) Cut the hook and loop tape 1 1/2″ long.

6) Pin one piece of the hook and loop tape to the back of the flap centered near the point.

7) Stitch the piece of the hook and loop tape in place on the flap. We’ll cover the visible stitching later.


8) Fold the flap down, and place the other piece of the hook and loop tape onto the envelope pocket, to match it’s mate. Pin in place

9) Open the envelope pocket flat. Stitch the piece of the hook and loop tape into place. Fold the envelope back into shape.


10) From the Bubblegun Oly*Fun (I used a scrap from making the point), cut a small rectangle about 1 3/4″ by 2″.

11) Using the pinking shears or decorative edge scissors, cut the edge of the rectangle. This will make it look like a postage stamp.

12) Use the Sharpies or fabric markers to create a love themed design. I found the red and black showed up the best, but I used a dark pink Sharpie too.

13) On the front of the envelope, pin the stamp on the top right corner, a little from the edge.

14) Thread the hand sewing needle with hot pink thread. Match the thread ends and knot them together.

15) Starting at the back, hand stitch around the stamp’s edge, following it’s decorative shape. Knot off the thread on the back and cut the excess.


16) For the canceled postage and depot marks, I used a black Sharpie. For the depot stamp, I traced around two round objects with a pencil, went over them with the black Sharpie, and added location (where I live) and date info. I freehand drew the wave lines, but you could draw them 1st with pencil.

17) With the Cherry Pop Oly*Fun, draw a heart about 3″ wide by 2 1/2″ tall. Cut it out.

18) Using a black Sharpie or fabric marker, write “BE MINE” or any other desired words inspired by the Sweethearts candies. Make dash marks around the heart’s edge, mimicing stitches.

19) On the back of the envelope, pin the heart into place, slightly overlapping the point. The heart will cover the hook and loop tape stitching.

20) Thread the hand sewing needle with red thread. Match the thread ends and knot them together.

21) Starting at the back, hand stitch around the heart, in between the black dash marks. Knot off the thread on the back and cut the excess.


22) On the front of the envelope, write your desired From and To names. The bag can be opened flat at this point. This is a great time to sew on more hearts, add embellishments, use stencils or draw more things if desired. I kept it simple.


23) On the envelope back, open the flap. Pin the sides. Straight stitch along both sides, following the previous stitching. I like to start at the bottom and stitch towards the opening, to accommodate any fabric shifting.


That’s it for this bag. You can make it as intricate as you want to, because Valentines are all about personalization for your sweetheart. You could take this basic bag construction and make it in any color with you own designs. Oly*Fun comes in 18 colors, so go wild! Add a wrist or crossbody strap to make it easier to carry, before sewing the sides. The size up to you. You could make it mini for a change, cash, or card holder. Add pockets before sewing the layers together, for a more utilitarian bag. However you decided to customize it to your style and needs, have fun with it. Happy Makery!

~ Crafty Lady Abby

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