DIY Simple Floor Cushions

DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Our elementary school’s library’s reading corner has been in sore need of some new cushions and pillows, so I thought it was time to make some Simple Foam Floor Cushions.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

The piece of foam I was using easily split into 4 pieces, so I thought making them spell something would be fun.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

And I debated between using some really fun bright prints and solids, and ultimately decided to do them in our school colors.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Of course, when they’re in use, you can’t see the letters…757-REading-Cushions

…but they do make a fun visual for the library.  Because of course the goal is to make the library an inviting place for the kids to come.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

It’s easier to make your own cushions than you might think.

Supplies to make 4 Cushions

  • 1 Piece of Foamology 5″ Project Foam 24″x36″
  • 2 1/2 yards cotton fabric or home decor fabric
  • 4 Heavy Duty 22″ Metal Coat Zippers
  • 1/4 yard accent fabric for letters (optional)
  • 1/2 yard Heat’n Bond or similar iron-on adhesive or fusible webbing
  • Matching thread

To Cut:

2 – 19″x13″ Rectangles cut from your fabric

1 – 6″ Strip the width of your fabric

1 – 3 1/2 inch strip the width of your fabric, cut in half to give two pieces approx. 22″ x 3 1/2″ inches.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

4 – Pieces of foam measuring 12″ x 18″.  (You cut  your foam into 4 equal pieces, in half each direction.  Most people say to use an electric carving knife to cut foam.  I don’t have one, so I used a sharp serrated bread knife and it worked great.)651-Cutting-Foam

Cut the 3 1/2 inch strip in half, down the center fold.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial


To Make Applique:

I used Ariel Black Font and printed out the largest size letter that would fit on one piece of paper.  I print them out in outline, so it uses less ink. 678-READ

For letters that are not symmetrical, you either need to print them in reverse or trace the letter into reverse on the back of the paper.679-DIY-Cushion-Backward-Le

Trace the backwards letters onto the paper side of paper-backed fusible web.  (I used Heat’n Bond Lite available at Wal-Mart and most craft stores.)  Cut out your letter.689-DIY-Cushion-Heat'n-Bond

Iron your letter onto your accent fabric and cut out again.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

DIY Simple Floor Cushion TutorialPeel the paper backing off of your letter.DIY Simple Floor Cushion TutorialUse a ruler to make sure your letter is centered on your rectangle.DIY Simple Floor Cushion TutorialIron your letter onto your rectangle.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Using matching thread, do a tight zigzag stitch around the edge of each letter.  I usually set the stitch length to halfway between 0 and the next closest number.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Instead of back-stitching, when you start and stop, I like to leave long tails.

Then I pull them through to the back and tie a knot. DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Putting in the Zipper

You could possibly get away with using a shorter zipper, but I find foam can be difficult to fit into cushions if the opening isn’t large enough,  so I went for big ones.  There are lots of ways to put in a zipper, but this is how I did it.  I lined my fabric and zipper up as shown in this picture because you need about 1/2 inch of fabric on each size of the zipper starting and stopping.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

The I used my zipper foot to sew my fabric as close to the zipper as I could…a little less than a quarter-inch away…with right sides together.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Iron the fabric open.  Trim this so it is 6″ wide.  You should have something that looks like this.  (Note that the zipper seems to stick out one end a bit.

DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Sewing the Cushion Cover

Sew one end of your zipper strip to your 6 inch strip.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Wrap this long around the sides of your cushion, so they’re snug.  Pinch the two ends together to figure out where to sew them together.DIY Simple Floor Cushion TutorialStitch your zipper strip and 6″ strip together at the place you’ve marked.  This should make a big loop.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Using a pencil, mark the center of zipper at each edge of the strip.  Then mark the loop in quarters.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Mark the center of each side of each of your rectangles. DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Matching center markings, pin the rectangle to the 6″ loop.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial


At each corner, you’ll need to cut a small notching in the 6″ strip to help it ease around the corner.

DIY Simple Floor Cushion TutorialStitch around the edge with a 1/2 inch seam, rounding the corners a bit as you go.

DIY Simple Floor Cushion TutorialTrim and notch the corners.  DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Repeat for both the top and bottom of the cushion.

DIY Simple Floor Cushion TutorialWhen you sew the second side of the cushion on, be sure to leave the zipper open just a bit, so you can turn your cushion cover right side out.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial

Then slip in your pillow, and you’re all done.DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial


All done!DIY Simple Floor Cushion Tutorial





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  1. Keri says:

    This is such a fun project!!!

  2. Lorine Mason says:

    These are so adorable. I am betting the children and the teachers are equally in love with them. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.

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