Aluminor – Tips and Techniques

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Breaking News…. Aluminor ™ is on it’s way to a store near you. Can’t wait, then consider ordering yourself an entire bolt in Gold or Silver directly from our easy to use website. We’ve had so much fun promoting this new product that we thought we might share some hints and tricks with you to reference before you get started with your next Aluminor ™ project.

Starting with the basics, Aluminor ™ is 30 inches wide and available in 10 yard bolts from our website or will be sold by the yard at your local store very soon. The beautifully quilted layers provide a thermal insulating barrier, keeping warm things warm and cold things cold. The padding protects and smoothes in accessory and home decor applications. It is currently available in Gold and Silver and is a quilted polypropylene fabric suitable for all kinds of sewing and crafting projects.

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Here are some Tips and Technique hints for sewing with Aluminor ™ from Lorine Mason, one of Fairfield’s Master Makers:

  • Use the quilted grid design on the fabric to cut straight edges. Scissors or a rotary cutter, mat and ruler all work beautifully when cutting out your project. Aluminor™ also cuts perfect images when using dies and a die cutting machine.
  • When pressing seams, always use a pressing cloth and be sure to place your iron on a synthetic setting.  Never place your iron directly onto Aluminor ™ fabric.
  • As a general rule, do not use pins as they will leave holes in the fabric. If you absolutely have to, only pin within the seam allowances where the holes will not be visible.
  • Use a or 14/90 general purpose needle and set your stitch length to 2.6 or longer.
  • Sewing and quilting clips work wonderfully to hold together pieces prior to stitching. See photo.
  • Craft and Sewing tapes are perfect when you have a need to place items temporarily. Consider using the tape to adhere pockets, straps or other embellishments in place prior to stitching. Do not sew through the tape as it might gum up your needle, instead place the tape alongside of the intended stitching line. See photo
  • To care for your Aluminor™ project, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.


Getta Grip™ Sewing Clips and Sewing & Craft Tape by Dritz™ are available in stores nationwide.

If you are looking for your first project idea consider this elegant and easy to sew tote bag. We will be providing you with step by step directions as well as diagrams very soon. In the meantime

Aluminor™ Tote Bag

And last by certainly not least, did you know that Aluminor™ is the giveaway for November?  Help us celebrate our 75th anniversary by allowing us to share our great products with you. Enter for your chance to win at Fairfield World .  Good Luck!



4 thoughts on “Aluminor – Tips and Techniques”

  1. Rosetta Beck says:

    Why are we just getting this blog if the contest was in November. I didn’t know of this site till I got the email with this product in it.

    1. Niki Meiners says:

      There is a monthly giveaway each month in 2016 that you may enter. The 75th Anniversary ended December 31st, 2015.

  2. Donna J. says:

    Is Aluminor water resistant? Can it be used with food – as a reusable snack pouch?


    1. Robin Dann says:

      It is water resistant, but we would suggest using Shield and fabric for reusable snack bags.

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