16 Creative Halloween Costumes

Halloween is next week.  If you haven’t already, you are probably starting to think about Halloween costume ideas. The stores are down to bare bones now so it is time to get creative. No worries though because here are 16 creative Halloween costume ideas to inspire you!  There is a tutorial for each costume.   You do not have to worry about making a supply list – the designers have made the list for you.  Halloween costumes are more fun when you make your own.  You can be creepy, cool, mysterious or funny.

Many of these costumes are so easy to make and require almost no sewing. That means they are perfect for last minute costumes!

Calling all cat lovers – DIY Cat Ears and Tails

Super simple and quick Simple Superhero Mask

03 - Fairfield World - DIY Weeping Angel
For all you Whovians out there DIY Weeping Angel

04 - 365 Days of Crafts - DIY Skunk Mask
Cut but does not stink –DIY Skunk Mask

05 - Bzzy Little Bee - Googly Bird Halloween Hood
An adorable Googly Bird Halloween Hood

06 - The Flamingo Chronicals - Flower Onesie Costume
Make a sweet baby costume Flower Onesie Costume

07 - Morenas Corner - Couples Pinata Costume
Let your whimsical side show with this awesome couples costume Couples Piñata Costume

08 - Rita Barakat - Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costume
Fairy tales do com true. Homemade Alice in Wonderland Costume

09 - Lisa Liza Lou Designs - No Sew Doggie Halloween Costume
Get your furry friends involved. No Sew Doggie Halloween Costume

11 - Fairfield - No Sew Hula Girl Costume
Another beautiful baby costume No Sew Hula Girl Costume

12 - Madelines Thoughts - Homemade Pumpkin Costume
Perfect for your little pumpkin! Homemade Pumpkin Costume

13 - Pieces by Polly - Superhero Shirt and Cape
Everyone can be a super hero! Superhero Shirt and Cape

14 - Fairfield World - Rain Cloud Costume
Too fun! Rain Cloud Costume

15 - 365 Days of Craft - 15 Minute Badger Mask halloween costumes
Super simple and can be used year round. 15 Minute Badger Mask

16 - Morenas Corner - Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costume
Sew Suessical! Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costume

One of the great bonuses of these costumes: you won’t see a bunch of twins walking around your neighborhood or party. So get our your sewing machine , glue gun or make up your own technique and make your halloween costume for you or your entire family.  Personally I love seeing a family with themed costumes.

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