Oly*Fun Fall Table Runner and Napkin Rings

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How to make your own Oly*Fun Fall Table Runner and Napkin Rings.

Create a simple yet chic table for your guests this Fall using metallic OlyFun in Rose Gold. Add seasonal details to a store-bought table runner (or sew your own to completely customize) and craft a matching set of DIY napkin rings.

What you need to make this project

Oly*Fun in Rose Gold
20 gauge wire in rose gold or copper
Faux eucalyptus stems
Table runner
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
Wire cutters
Fabric scissors or an electronic cutting machine
Adhesive tape runner

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Step One

First, you’ll want to cut out a variety of sizes of leaf shapes. I used my Silhouette Cameo for this step – I designed my leaves in the software, added a 12-in x 12-in piece of rose gold Oly*Fun to my cutting mat and let the machine do the work. 

If you don’t own a cutting machine, find a leaf shape you like and create templates using cardstock or cardboard. Trace onto the Oly*Fun and cut with fabric scissors.

Cutting Oly*Fun from Fairfield World with a Silhouette Cameo

For the table runner – I cut leaves in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.5-in wide to about 5-in wide. For the napkin runners – each leaf is about 2-in wide.

Rose Gold Oly*Fun from Fairfield leaf shapes for creating a fall DIY project.

Step Two

To make the table runner:

Decide what kind of design you’d like to create on your table runner. I preferred the look of adding a few leaves on each end of my table runner. Glue the leaves down with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue. While the glue is drying, move on to making the coordinating napkin rings.

How to create a simple fall table runner with Fairfield Rose Gold Oly*Fun

Step Three

To make the napkin rings:

Wrap wire around a cardboard tube about 8-10 times. Trim with wire cutters and create loops at each end to hook together and secure.

Step 1 - DIY Fairfield Oly*Fun Napkin Rings

Step Four

Add a strip of adhesive tape to back of small Oly*Fun leaf and attach to the front of the wire rings.

Step 3 - DIY Fairfield OlyFun Fall Leaf Napkin Rings

Rose Gold Fairfield Oly*Fun Napkin Rings for Fall Decor

Step Five

Finally, thread a napkin through each wire napkin ring, then finish off with a sprig of faux eucalyptus.

Chic Fall Tablescape with DIY Table Runner and Napkin Rings using Rose Gold Oly*Fun from Fairfield