Life-Proof Pillowcase Tutorial

Categories: Bedding, Kid Friendly, Pillow

If you’re a parent of young children, you’ll love this Life-Proof Pillowcase Tutorial to make your own pillowcase with a protective layer of Shield Interlining.  Because let’s face it…kids have accidents.  They spill drinks.  They wet the bed.  They take their pillow outside without asking.  They drool, etc.  Pillowcases are easy to wash…pillows not so much.  (Yeah, I know you CAN wash pillows, but they soak up so much water in the washing machine ends up unbalanced and noisy, and it’s a pain.)  What we really all need is a Life-Proof Pillowcase to protect pillows from those little accidents.  This pillowcase tutorial uses Shield interlining from Fairfield to protect your pillows..

So if there’s a child (or adult) in your house who is especially accident prone, this pillowcase is for them.

What you need to make this project

7/8 Yard Shield Interlining
1 Yard 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric
42 Inches ( 1-1/6 Yards) Coordinating/Contrasting Bias Tape, Rick rack, or other trim
Scissors or Rotary Cutter & Mat
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine

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