Wiggle Eye Monster Cupcakes

Categories: Decor, Kid Friendly, Halloween

What you need to make this project

oly*fun™ sheets Orange
oly*fun™ sheets Kiwi
oly*fun™ sheets Jelly
Glue-on wiggle eyes in assorted sizes
1 batch Cupcakes
1 batch Buttercream Frosting

Download Pattern

Low-Temp Glue Gun and glue sticks
1-3 Decorating bags
Large Open Star and/or Round Icing Tip
Food coloring gel

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Step One

Cut cupcake wrapper out of oly*fun™ using template

Use low-temp glue gun to glue wiggle eyes all over cupcake wrapper. (Do NOT use a high temp glue gun or you will melt the oly*fun™.)

Step Two

Use low-temp glue gun to glue ends of cupcake template together.

Place frosted cupcake inside cupcake wrapper.

Step Three

Use food coloring gel to color your icing and load into bags with a large open star tip or a large round tip.

Step Four

Ice cupcakes by squeezing out frosting and then lifting the icing bag way creating spikes.

Repeat until the top of the cupcake has been covered.