DIY Superhero Shield with Oly-Fun

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Kids will love these fun superhero shields for playing…and you’ll love them because they’re soft enough to be safe.  With Oly-Fun available in so many fun colors, you can make all sorts of fun, bright designs.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™ Craft Pack in Cherry Pop
Oly-Fun™ Craft Sheets – Blueberry
Oly-Fun™ Craft Sheets – Lemon Drop
1 1/2 yards Stiffen Interfacing
Coordinating Threads
Sewing Machine and related supplies
Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Needle

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Step One

Choose a shield shape to match your child’s favorite superhero.  Cut out two copies of the shape from your Stiffen interfacing and two copies of the shape from your Cherry Pop Oly-Fun.

Cut out rectangles for the arm holds.  You’ll want them 2″ wide and long enough to go 3/4 of the way around your child’s forearm PLUS 3 inches.  If in doubt, go a bit bigger.  A bit big will work…to small and their arm won’t fit.  Cut 2 out of stiffen and 4 out of Oly-Fun.

Cut out any decoration pieces for your shield to match your favorite superhero.


Step Two

Stiffen is fusible, but Oly-Fun can’t tolerate the heat, so we need to attach your oly-fun to the stiffen by zigzag stitching along all edges.  Pin first.  I found the stiffen was too stiff to put the pin through and back to the front like I usually do, so I just stuck the pin through once diagonally.  Another option would be quilting clips or binder clips to hold it together.

1430-Shield 1426-Stitching-side

Step Three

Sandwich your rectangles so that the Stiffen is between two layers of Oly-Fun.  Pin and Zig-Zag stitch around the edges.


Step Four

Pin and stitch any designs onto the front of your shield.  Oly-Fun doesn’t fray, so you can just use a regular straight stitch.

1423-Stitching 1432-Lightening-Bolt

By this point, you should have four pieces that look something like this…a front to your shield, a back to your shield, and two arm holders.

DIY Superhero Shield with Oly-Fun

Step Five

Using your child’s size as a guide pin the arm holders onto the back shield piece.  You want the loops to be large enough to go around their arm, and the right distance apart so that their hand can hold one, while the other is near their elbow.

Sew approximately a 1″ square on each end of the arm loops.  You want this sewed really securely, because it will be taking a lot of stress.

1434-Pin  1436-Stitch

Now you should have two pieces…the front of the shield and the back with handles attached.

DIY Superhero Shield with Oly-Fun

Step Six

Layer your two shield pieces together with the stiffen sides together.  Pinning will be difficult, so either put pins through diagonally as best you can or use binder clips to hold layers together.  Sew securely with a zigzag stitch all the way around.  In fact, I sewed around the edge twice.

1440-Layer 1443-Stitch-Sides

Step Seven

And now you’re ready for some serious superhero play!

DIY Superhero Shield with Oly-Fun

DIY Superhero Shield with Oly-Fun