Woodland Fairy Halloween Costume


wood nymph olyfun Woodland Fairy Halloween Costume

DIY Woodland Fairy Halloween Costumes for couples is an easy sew idea that you can wear to a costume party or ay event where a costume is needed.  Oly*Fun can be washed so you can reuse the costumes if needed.


wood nymph olyfun 1 wood nymph olyfun male

Woodland Fairies Supplies and Tools:

  • Oly-Fun: 2 yards Pine & Hot Fudge, 6 12”x12” sheets Clover, 1 craft pack in Kiwi
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue
  • Green paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Jute cording
  • Pencil or marker
  • Sewing machine and coordinating thread.
  • Hook and loop tape – 3” in dark  or coordinating color

DIRECTIONS for Woodland Fairies:

Cut approximately 200 Kiwi leafs, 100 Clover leaves, 75 Pine leave, 25 Hot Fudge leaves

Skirt Woodland Fairy Halloween Costume-

1. Trace a 60” circle on Hot Fudge fabric (round table top was used).  Cut out circle. Cut a circle out of the center to fit the waist  of the wearer.  Save scraps to use as leaves. Cut a slit down one side of the skirt. Place the leaves in random order and sew on in rows.  Start the rows at the bottom.  If you have extra fabric you can create an extra log layer in the back.

2. Place the leaves in a random order as you sew the leaves on one row at a time.

3. Sew in hook and loop tape to close and open the skirt.

Top for Female Woodland Fairy Halloween Costume-

4.  Cut two diamonds to form the top. (use a tank top as a pattern if needed) Sew two points together to form the top.  Sew leaves on the shoulder piece as shown.

5. Sew jute the sides to tie the shirt together.

Tunic for Male Woodland Fairy Halloween Costume

1. Cut the base for tunic in Pine, two inches wider than shoulders of the wearer.  Cut an opening for head.  Sew in in Hot Fudge fabric to look like a layered shirt.

2.  Cut 8” of Hot Fudge for the bottom of front and back.  Sew on to tunic.  Sew on leaves to bottom of tunic and around neck opening in random order.

3.  Sew on leaves to for a belt loop for jute cording.

4.  Cut jute to wrap around  waist like a belt.

Skill Level:

Some experience necessary

Approximate Crafting Time:  Varies

2-3 hours  including dry time for paint


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