Working Hands At Bethel Church

This group is called “Working Hands” and it is a group of 15 ladies that care deeply for their community & try to find ways to use their talents, to better the lives of others. They create quilts (full size & lap size), therapy pillows, repurpose cards, knitted caps & make ditty bags! They have been bettering the community since 1975! The ladies meet once a month, in the church fellowship hall, for 6 hours. Each of them has a different talent & skill that they bring to the table but together they accomplish so much for our community.

Kristen Dunn explained “As a granddaughter, of one of the ladies in the group, I am amazed at how they love & what they get done for their community. They partner with other organizations that are in need of do-er’s & that is what this group is an amazing set of; do-er’s!”

2 thoughts on “Working Hands At Bethel Church”

  1. Kristen says:

    So proud of these ladies! Thank you for honoring them!

  2. Kevin Clark says:

    This service team of ladies has impacted our community for so many years. Thousands of people are the recipients of their gifts of love every year, the homeless, the homebound, the sailor to name a few. Way to go! Keep spreading the love!!!

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