Wold of Charity Stitching

Peggy Gibbs is part of a Yahoo based group with 375 members from around the world who stitch and sew for charity. The group was formed in 2007 by a couple of ladies and has grown in size each year. They make lap quilts, therapy pillows, walker bags, tote bags, wheelchair bags, greeting cards and bookmarks to give to children in need and to the elderly in nursing homes. Last year they donated over 300 gifts and cards. They enjoy cross stitching, sewing, quilting and giving gifts to those who might need a little uplifting of their spirits.

One thought on “Wold of Charity Stitching”

  1. Linda Arceri says:

    I live in Bridgeport, CT. I belong to WOCS under Peggy Gibbs but I never new there was one in CT. That would be wonderful to join because otherwise I send my cross-stitching to Arizona. To Peggy & Rachel. It would be wonderful to send my pieces to you have them put on the quilt and then it given to a Child or adult. Is that what you do? I do the cross-stitching but I do not do the quilting in when I send it to Peggy they put it on the quilt. Is this what you do?

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