The Joyful Stitchers

The Joyful Stitchers make baby hats, blankets, and booties; lap throws and bibs for nursing homes; chemo hats, support neck pillows, and lap throws and quilts for patients at the cancer centers; lap throws and quilts for ER patients; tote bags which include hats, scarves, and quilted throws for the homeless; and hats, scarves, mittens, and throws for The Santa Train. We now have a steady membership of 10-12 ladies who work at home and we meet every two weeks to pull together what we’ve made and donated where the need is at that time. “We Believe That Small Things Done With Great Love can Help Change the World” — This is the motto we have used since the first day we met in February 2009. Shirley Sullivan

2 thoughts on “The Joyful Stitchers”

  1. Mrs. Sandra King says:

    Having worked with these ladies and reading the brief summary of what they do is only the tip of the iceberg of
    ALL that they do. No one has been turned away or refused when help is needed. Supplies are limited and many
    of the ladies buy their own crochet or knitting yarns, cloth, batting, etc. I have not heard of a request for
    items to be made that has not been fulfilled. They are a wonderful group and very committed to making a
    difference in the lives of others. I am proud to be a small part of this group. Having my own health problems
    has limited me for the time being to only doing a very small part on my end but hope to get back to doing
    all that I can. Their numbers are small but their contribution is overwhelming.

    1. Mrs. Sandra King says:

      Words cannot express the wonderful works that they do.

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