St. Marys Healthcare

I ,Rebecca Kerr, works in Women’s Imaging at St Mary’s Healthcare in Athens, GA. When one of their patients is diagnosed with breast cancer or a high risk breast lesion and needs surgery, the nurses give them a comfort bag with informational brochures, a massage certificate and a homemade pillow. She has been making the pillows that go in these bags for 3 years although the nurses have been distributing the bags for over 15 years. She does this to give comfort to these patients and to give them a gesture of love to comfort them and show them someone cares. I make close to 500 each year.

2 thoughts on “St. Marys Healthcare”

  1. Alisa Madison says:

    How can i get a pillow like that i have had 4 surgeries now on my left breast. Im in lots of pain .

    1. Niki Meiners says:

      Hi, we are very sorry for your pain. We do not make the pillows. You would need to contact an organization in your area or St. Mary’s directly. You can also use this pattern and have one made.

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