S.O. SEW for Good

Angela Barondeau told us “We are not a formal organization (yet). We are a small family seeking ways to share our blessings with others. We make pillows, large and small, from recycled children’s pants. As quickly as they outgrow pants, we seek fun and useful ways to reuse and recycle. We donate clothes to a number of organizations, but we felt we could add some TLC and lots of heart to create things that can be useful in a variety of ways. Our ideas span Cancer Centers, Daycares, and even Animal Shelters. The girls in the attached picture sewed 100% of the pillows themselves. This was their first project as they learn to sew.  So far, we’ve made 20 pillows and are now seeking donations from friends who have old pants that we can covert to S.O. Sew Pillows”

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