National Charity League

“In my 7th grade year, I was inspired to reach out and do something in my community after seeing all of the need that was so evident in my community. I joined National Charity League, an organization for girls and mothers to serve the community together, within a list of approved charities, yet really fell in love with making heart pillows for Texas Children’s Hospital, especially because I personally had family members and friends who had undergone heart surgery and been given a pillow in their time of need. My mother and I would often make dozens of pillows at a time. I cut the fabric, sewed it, stuffed it, and she finished them for me, and we made about 50 my 7th grade year. I won the award within my NCL chapter for the most hours dedicated to Texas Children’s Hospital and am still making 50-100 heart pillows per year, as it is truly a project that is dear to my heart.” explained Grace Beilstein

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