mEGGa Egg Hunt

The mEGGa Hunt Committee is the core group involved in planning the Spring prize hunt for the children of Oregon’s Columbia County, at the fairgrounds in St. Helens, OR. This is a free event for all the kids of the entire county from birth through age 12 (15 for Special Needs Children). The items that are specifically made for this event are stuffed animals, primarily bunnies that are approximately 15 inches tall. They are soft and squishy. They use polar fleece type fabric and hand embroider faces to make them safe and lovable for the 0 – 2 yrs age group and for the Special Needs group. They hope in the future to expand to making stuffed dogs for law enforcement to share with children impacted by police intervention. This year approximately 200 volunteers staffed the event that had over 3500 attendees. Marcia Roberts told us “I never had children of my own to spoil and the joy I feel myself and see on the faces of the kids during the event just fills a spot I didn’t really know was empty before I came to mEGGa Hunt. I am now at an age that is appropriate for me to be a great-grandmother and I have found a huge “borrowed family” through participating in mEGGa Egg Hunt.”

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