Lucy's BEElievers


     Non-ketotic hyperglycinemia (NKH) is a rare genetic disorder that affects 1 child in every 60,000 born. Children with this condition have a problem breaking down the amino acid, glycine. Typical symptoms include seizures, low muscle tone, and severe problems with learning and development. This can profoundly affect a child’s ability to learn and to do normal things such as eating, sitting, and walking. Current treatment is limited and there is no cure. Lucy Mae Gordon was born on April 26, 2013, after a normal and problem-free pregnancy to Kristen & Justin Gordon. I graduated high school with Justin and heard about Lucy through Facebook. I knew I wanted to be a part of the fundraising in order to help this family out in any way I could.
     I do this to help Lucys BEElievers in the fight to find a cure for NKH. Along the way we strive to assist families who are effected by this terrible disease and since there is not a cure for it now, we all hope there will be one soon. Many of these children do not live to see their first birthday, Lucy just turned three!!! That’s amazing! We hope that these kids have the chance to see many of their birthdays. I am just a person who went to high school with someone and heard their story about this rare disease that effected his daughter. I don’t come from very much but I try and make things so that they can be donated at the fundraiser and make some money for the cause. Lucy’s BEElievers is a 501c3 nonprofit that I strongly support.

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