Lebanon United Methodist Church

Margaret Yelton

In September 2011, three ladies were inspired to make 40″ x 40″ comfort quilts for children at Cincinnati’s Ronald McDonald House. They asked others to join and to donate material and by December had 25 quilts to share. The group has grown to 30 who participate in some way and continue to meet every other Sunday afternoon. To date, they have delivered 989 quilts, have 47 more ready to go and an additional 50 in progress.

Margaret Yelton told us that they do this to bring a little sunshine, comfort, and God’s love to children and their families at a time of stress over health concerns.


One thought on “Lebanon United Methodist Church”

  1. bonnie prager says:

    I don’t live near Cinncinnatti, but I do have a granddaughter who has spent many nights and weeks, in a children’s hospital in another part of Ohio
    During her stays that stated at birth, and have continued over 1 1/2 decades, she has been comforted by the loving and compassion of many people who have made and donated, blankets, quilts, pillow cases and crocheted and filled animals, to the hospital she goes to.
    I just want all of you who contribute to your cause, these items bring much comfort to her, and I am sure the recipeants of your quilts will agree, to be covered with a project of love, a touch of home, instead of just all white hospital blankets and things, is a comfort during a difficult time.
    Thank you, each one of you, for caring, and doing, so someone will feel more comfort.
    You work is a wonderful gift! Thank you

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