Julie Russell

Julie is a nurse in the NICU at Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah. They recently started expanding their use of  boppy like pillows for those parents and infants who are close to going home. The pillows provide several benefits for their tiny ones while they are in the NICU. A U shaped pillow is typically used for a nursing mother to help support the infant during the feeding but they are also using this pillow to place the infant in different positions, such as on their tummy, to encourage back, abdominal, and neck muscle development. The recent implementation of the use of these pillows has helped infants leave the NICU with more muscle control, allowing them to develop just as any other infant would. The progress these infants have shown in the short time of their implementing the use the pillow has been exciting to see. They are able to be closer in the developmental process as other infants who don’t end up staying in the NICU.

Julie shared “Feedback from parents has been amazing. They are thrilled to see the progress of their infants and appreciate the fact that we feel it’s important to do everything we can for our little ones during their stay in the NICU.”

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  1. judebaby225@comcast.net says:

    This is truly a blessing to these sweet little ones. Thank you !

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