Institute for Positive Mental Health

The Institute for Positive Mental Health was founded in 1994 to help people with disabilities, primarily women, get the proper training and support to become economically self-sufficient to their highest degree possible. They promote positive mental health by helping people push through their challenges, build confidence, and just feel more hopeful, better.

Erin Fountain told us” The lone sock is no longer useless. We make Rescue Bears from mismatched socks so that they now have a purpose!”

They plan to make the Rescue Bears for teens who are experiencing mental health crises or going through a low point or a number of challenges.




2 thoughts on “Institute for Positive Mental Health”

  1. Kim Jones says:

    I have a Rescue Bear and I love her. Just to look at her puts a smile on my face. Thank you Erin Fountain

  2. Thanks Kim! That’s why Rescue Bears have been created…to bring a smile and comfort. Your comment put a smile on MY face 🙂

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