Harlene Huffstetler

At 83 years old, Harlene Huffstetler is comforting children all over the world with her sewing machine.

Harlene is an assisted living resident at Shepherd of the Valley in Niles, Ohio. When she moved in, she wanted an area to keep busy sewing. The staff helped her set up a sewing room in a dining area. Harlene makes teddy bears for local police departments intended for children whom are exposed to traumatic situations. She is overwhelmed by the number of sad situations involving children she hears about in the news. She hopes that her bears comfort children who have experienced trauma, if only for the moment. She has made more than 40 teddy bears.
Harlene is proud of the work she does. “Just because I am old doesn’t mean my mind is dead,” she tells Shepherd’s staff.

3 thoughts on “Harlene Huffstetler”

  1. Vicki Fuhrmann says:

    I love that she shows you can continue to be very useful at any age…she is an inspiration.You Rock Harlene ! Thanks Carol for sharing.

  2. Karla Graham says:

    Harlene is truly awesome, as is her daughter Carol! I have the pleasure of knowing Harlene and am so happy she is happy!

  3. Sheila Bartscher says:

    Harelne is an amazing women, I am so happy she can carry out what she wants to do, and we at Shepherd of the Valley, will make sure she has what is needed to do so. We love you Harlene !

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