Friends of Saint Louis Church

Friends of Saint Louis Church have been an extension of The Heart Pillow Project since 2008. They are a group of several people from our church and many local friends who occasionally meet at someone’s house.

They make hand made Heart shaped pillows given to patients in local Hospitals for both medical and comfort reasons. These help relieve tension, reduce swelling (an instruction guide is given to them) to cancer patients, for example. Also, these pillows are used as a cushion under the seat-belt for patients discharged from heart surgery, etc.

Depending on material available, they have tried to make up to 500 per year. The demand seems to be increasing as Hospitals are introduced to these pillows, they love to send them home with their patients.
 Connie Jezierski says,

“Personally, I am very grateful for my health and many blessings and feel the need to ‘give back’, helping others. It is a wonderful project, done at my own pace since several women help with this project. I enjoy hearing the feedback and know there is definitely a ‘need’ for these heart shaped pillows”

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