Franklin County Girl Scouts

“In September The Franklin County District Girl Scouts will he hosting a Fall Camporee at Camp Graham in Henderson, NC for 4 counties: Franklin, Vance, Granville, and Warren. We have a lot of girls that have financial background difficulties whether they are a low-income family, single parent environment, or foster care, and being a part of Girl Scouts is teaching a lot of these girls about respect, responsibility, accountability, safety and many more life lessons. Plus, It  helps build their self-esteem and confidence. We are teaching them leadership skills, time management, organizational skills and many more. Every girl deserves an opportunity to succeed and to find out what she is capable of. By giving these girls a chance to learn about themselves through diverse experiences, we are opening them up to a whole new world to them and they are making a difference in the loves of others. This instills in them the importance of paying it forward while bringing some comfort and enjoyment to others.” shared Marianne Morris

During this event, they will be making over 100 mastectomy pillows for breast cancer patients.


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