Earl Park Public Library

“We are a public library built in 1914 and our summer reading theme is “Build a Better World” so the children explored all types of ways they could impact the world they live it. We talked about our community and one of the ways we chose to help the community was by making dog beds for one of the “no kill” animal shelters in the area. The children used your fiber fill to make soft, comfy beds for the shelter from fleece. We made many (around 20) of all different shapes and sizes. The kids loved them so much, they brought them to the children’s area to lay on and read. You can see by the smiling faces this project was a big hit. They donated them to Natalie’s Second Chance Animal Shelter in Lafayette, IN. We are very old, in a small rural Indiana cornfield type burb with about 300 residents but we are the gathering place for the kids to come have fun and be safe. The closest town is 6 miles in any direction so once they are in Earl Park, they are stuck. The town does not even have a soda machine so there is literally nothing for the kids to do. The library is open 25 hours a week, mostly after school and on Saturdays.” explained Wendy Davis

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