Doll Makers at the Lincolnia Senior Center


The group was started in January 1990 by Ms. Avis Jarrett. It meets every Tuesday at 10 am at the Lincolnia Senior Center, Alexandria, VA 22312. The group of from 10 to 12 persons make medical teaching dolls donated to area hospitals to use with their young patients. Members cut out doll shapes, sew together, stuff with Poly-Fil, and finish dolls before attaching crocheted hair and dressing in colorful hospital gowns. Doctors demonstrate upcoming procedures on the dolls, so that the children will be more comfortable with their upcoming treatment. The child is given a permanent marker, so he/she can draw a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other. The child can keep the doll and take it home with her/him. The group depends on grants from Fairfax County, a local women’s club, and donations.

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