Cassandra's Bears with Care

This sweet little girl named Cassandra (Cassie) who is 6 years old, has set a goal to spread love world wide by shipping Teddy Bears to special people who are down and blue because of something tragic or something health related that happened to them.
So far she has sent out 21 Bears since she started doing this in March.
She calls her mom her book keeper because she helps Cassie keep track of them all. Her furthest bear shipped so far went to Australia and her goal is to cover all the countries and all 50 states in the United States. Cassie says she loves to see people smile and make them happy.

One thought on “Cassandra’s Bears with Care”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I had my daughter put in to receive one of Cassie’s bears . They are beautiful and big. She stuffs them so much and you have something to hug. I am so glad you are helping with the stuffing cause she needs a lot to fill the Bears. They cost about $12.00. To mail. I sent her a lot of flannel to help make a lot more bears in the future. But she needs donation of money, material also. Thanks. Bonnie

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