Carol Mauro

Carol Mauro shared her story with us. She said “I accompanied my daughter to Nepal in 2010 where she adopted a precious little girl. While she was bonding with her daughter, I had my own little entourage! Everyday these little ones would greet me with giggles, smiles and Namaste greetings. Oh, boy, I knew I was in trouble! I couldn’t bring them all home! But I did; in my head and on my heart.” Since then Carol has used her sewing skills to create purses, quilts, stuffed animals, market bags, doll bedding, and more. The orphanage she works with is Sagarmatha Children’s Home in Bhaktapur , Nepal. She told us “I’m turning 70 in a month and the reality that I’m not immortal causes me to reach out to young people, organizations and businesses to continue this work.”

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