Care Wear Volunteers

Care Wear Volunteers is a national organization with participants in almost every state–plus several provinces in Canada. The mailing list for the hard copy of our quarterly newsletter is 1820. Others read the newsletter on our website. It is IMPOSSIBLE to count the number of donated items because participants donate directly. Care Wear Volunteers does not require recordkeeping of participants. The number of recipients of our donated items is HUGE!!!
 They make layette items in preemie to full-term sizes, blankets, quilts (for the NICU and Pediatrics Depts), cough & neck pillows (for patients who have had surgery), hats, shawls & tote bags (for patients in cancer therapy), toys (to calm and distract children), prayer shawls, medical-surgical dolls (to explain surgeries, for grief counseling, and for abuse investigations), burial garments (in sizes micropreemie to full term), etc….

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