Addy's Angel Pillows

Johnnie Moore and her granddaughter Addy like to pay it forward to those less fortunate.

After going to the Homeless Shelter they knew they could do more because so many folks were in need. They found out that the people in the shelter received a blanket but no pillows so they decided to make pillows for a Homeless Shelter and a Foster agency. They have made over 200 pillows so far but their goal is to make at least 500.

3 thoughts on “Addy’s Angel Pillows”

  1. linda chenault says:

    i tried to call you but it would not go thru LIN 530-534-8359

    1. Robin Dann says:

      Please feel free to email us at [email protected].

  2. linda chenault says:

    johnnie please let me know your safe

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