Fairfield Comfort Wedge – Made with Cushion Foam Fairfield Comfort Wedge – Made with Cushion Foam

Product Details

Fairfield Comfort Wedge provides comfort and support for elevated lounging and sleeping.

The Comfort Wedge is made of Cushion Foam, which is supportive and comfortable. The unique shape allows for elevated sleeping for those that experience acid reflux, problems breathing, poor circulation, back or neck problems. It also provides gentle support to elevate legs and feet post-surgery. Can be used for leisure activity as well, such as watching TV or reading in bed. The Comfort Wedge measures 28" x 18" x 10".

  • Provides elevated lounging for reading in bed, watching TV, or elevated sleeping
  • Comfortably and effectively provides head, leg and foot elevation
  • Will retain shape after extended use
  • Measures 28" x 18" x 10"