Fairfield Soft Touch® Round Pillow Insert 32″

Product Details

Classic comfort - everyday design. Soft Touch® luxury pillow inserts are a favorite among crafters and home designers. They feature a cotton/polyester high-quality cover and offer the look, feel and softness of down with the easy care of the original Poly-Fil® brand fiber fill inside. The 32" round pillow is the perfect size for decorative floor pillows, pet beds, playroom lounging pillows and more. Add your favorite fabric to it and this pillow can be transformed into a bohemian floor cushion in your living room or dining area. You can stack them or use them individually to add comfort and design to any room.

  • Soft, supportive with a cotton/polyester cover and filled with the original Poly-Fil® brand fiber fill
  • Soft Touch® round 32" pillow inserts can be used as decorative floor pillows, dog beds, bohemian cushions, and more
  • Medium firmness, hypo-allergenic and it is recommended to spot clean
  • Will retain shape after extended use