Poly-Fil Low-Loft® Batting – 90″ wide x 6 yard Roll

Product Details

Poly-Fil® Low-loft® batting is the perfect batting for bed quilts, baby quilts, and clothing. It is a lightweight bonded polyester batting that can be used all year long and is easy to hand or machine quilt. The traditional hand quilters love the fact that is very easy to needle and will show definition to accentuate those delicate hand stitches. Machine quilters love that it has a beautiful drape, it will retain its shape wash after wash and dry quickly making it perfect for quilts that are meant to be used and enjoyed as well as cherished. Perfect for your children’s beds, college kid’s dorm rooms or all the beds in your home. The lightness of the thermal bonded polyester prevents bearding or shifting in your quilts. You can create lovely shower or wedding gifts, and it's the perfect batting to use for throws, lap quilts, and clothing.

  • The loft is approximately 1/4" to 3/8"
  • Quilting Distance 2" to 4"
  • Easy to hand and machine quilt
  • Retains its shape wash after wash