Product Details

Fairfield's Tuffet Kit is "project ready" and contains all of the core components you need to create your own unique square tuffet! Just add fabric, accessories, and feet. The kit comes with an 18" square of Cushion Foam, a wooden base, cushion wrap, pattern, and instructions. All of these pieces are used to create a DIY tuffet. Square tuffets can be used to enhance your living room, as a footstool, for extra seating, as a decorative accent piece, or put together a few to use as a coffee table.

  • Kit includes: 18" and 6" thick Cushion Foam, Cushion Wrap, wooden base board, a pattern guide and instructions
  • Tuffet Kit is project ready, just add fabric, accessories and feet if you wish
  • Can be used to enhance your living room, used as a footstool, extra seating, or even as a decorative accent piece
  • Easy to assemble with pattern guide and instructions