Creative Spring Projects Made With Oly*Fun Fabric

Creative Spring Projects Made With Oly*Fun Fabric

As the vibrant colors of  the season begin to bloom, it’s the perfect time to infuse your craft and DIY spring projects with a burst of freshness and creativity. If you’re looking for a versatile and durable material to bring your spring visions to life, look no further than Oly*Fun fabric! It’s the perfect textile for a wide variety of handmade projects.

ol*fun fabric

This innovative non-woven material is not only easy to work with but also comes in a variety of colors, making it ideal for a wide range of projects. Oly*Fun is “the everything material”. It’s the most versatile materials you will ever find as you can sew it, glue it, staple it, pin it or tie it, write on it, paint it, embellish it, stamp it or stencil it, scissor, rotary, or die cut it! The only thing it won’t do is fray, tear, or fade so don’t bother hemming it.

From cheerful decorations to colorful wreaths, there’s no limit to what you can create with Oly*Fun fabric this spring! Join us as we explore some exciting spring crafting ideas that will add a touch of seasonal charm to your home. Here’s a list of projects to help you get started.

white flower wreath

White Flower Wreath

This stunning large white flower wreath, crafted entirely from Oly*Fun fabric, exudes elegance and charm. This enchanting creation serves as a beautiful focal point, whether hung on a front door to welcome guests or displayed as a centerpiece at a spring-themed event.

blue oly*fun flower wreath

Blue Flower Wreath

Here’s another stunning Oly*Fun wreath design. With all the colors available you can create an entire spring garden of florals! This wreath features layers of meticulously crafted white Oly-Fun fabric petals, each delicately shaped to mimic the intricate beauty of natural flowers. These petals are arranged in a lush, full-bodied design, creating a captivating visual impact that captures the essence of springtime in full bloom.

oly-fun bouquet

Kid’s Craft Flowers for Mother’s Day

Kid’s can make flowers with Oly*Fun fabric, too! I used to make these flowers with my students using tissue paper, but it was as struggle for younger kids who haven’t fully developed their fine motor skills yet. Oly*Fun is a better solution because it won’t rip like tissue paper and it’s thicker, which makes it easier for children to manipulate. These cute DIY flowers are bunched together to create a beautiful bouquet that will never wilt or die!

oly*fun centerpiece

Oly*Fun Fabric Flower Table Decor

Brighten your tablescape with a colorful DIY table runner, centerpiece, and battery operated light holders! Butterflies are synonymous with spring, as they represent rebirth and growth. Use die cuts to perfectly cut the fluttering butterflies from Oly*Fun fabric to make a table runner. Then use the same colors of Oly*Fun to make coordinating table decor.

spring wreath Oly*Fun DIY

Small Spring Wreath

Create smaller flowers for this colorful spring wreath. It’s perfect for decorating a workspace or bedroom door. I like to make wreaths with Oly-Fun to decorate my mailbox for the seasons. Oly*Fun is very lightweight, which makes it easy to hang the wreath.


Easy Fabric Flowers with Oly-Fun

Here’s another cute, quick flower DIY on our list of spring projects made with Oly*Fun. These fabric flowers are perfect for accessories like head bands or hair clips. They would also be cute additions to fabric bracelets. Add a clip and use them to hold party favor bags closed. There are so many fun ways to use Oly*Fun fabric flowers…what would you do with them?

oly-fun costume flower

Oly-Fun Flower Costume

Drama teachers and theater programs will love how affordable and easy Oly*Fun fabric is to work with! Need giant flowers for your spring play? It’s easy to make, as this tutorial shows you! Whether worn for a springtime festival, a garden-themed party, or simply as a whimsical ode to nature’s splendor, this Oly*Fun flower costume is sure to captivate hearts and inspire smiles wherever it blooms.

truffula trees DIY

Whimsical Trees Made with Oly-Fun Fabric

Picture a whimsical garden brought to life with enchanting trees crafted from Oly*Fun fabric. These fantastical creations stand tall and proud, their colorful foliage dancing in the breeze, evoking a sense of magic and wonder. Whether used as a stage piece, as decor for a Suess themed event,  or simply as a magical escape from the everyday, these Oly*Fun fabric trees are sure to captivate imaginations and bring joy to all who encounter them.

rainbow pinata DIY oly-fun

Unicorn Piñata Decor Made with Oly-Fun Fabric

Behold the magical unicorn piñata, a whimsical creation that adds enchantment and excitement to any Spring celebration! Crafted entirely from Oly*Fun fabric, this delightful piñata captures the imagination with its vibrant colors and charming details.  This Oly*Fun fabric unicorn piñata is sure to delight guests of all ages and bring a touch of enchantment to any occasion.

oly-fun cactus DIY

Mini Cactus Garden Made with Oly-Fun Fabric

Create an adorable and prick-free mini cactus garden to decorate with! I created this adorable mini cactus garden to use as a centerpiece for celebrating fiesta in San Antonio, but you can use it as a fun piece of decor that you never have to water.  Oly*Fun creates the perfect texture for these faux cacti. This will be perfect for Cinco de Mayo centerpieces, or for everyday spring projects decor.

oly-fun DIY decor

Wall Art with Oly-Fun

Oly*Fun fabric cuts like paper when you use it with your electronic cutting machine, making it a great option when you want to create spring themed wall art! Let your imagination take flight, and let the beauty of the season guide your hand as we bring a touch of springtime magic to the walls of your home.

spring projects kid apron

Kids Art Apron with Oly-Fun

Helps kids stay neat as they garden with you this spring! As spring unfolds and little ones eagerly join in the gardening fun, this DIY project offers the perfect blend of functionality and creativity. Let’s empower the next generation of gardeners and nurture their love for the natural world with this charming DIY project!

spring projects

Floral Totes in Two Sizes

These handy floral totes are made in two sizes, so you are covered whether you are carrying something big or small! The flowers are perfect for spring projects. Make these totes for library books, spring picnic supplies, gardening tools, and much more!

spring placecards

Spring Flower Placecards

Use bright, durable Oly*Fun fabric to create an adorable floral place card holder for your next party!  These Oly*Fun fabric flower place card settings would be perfect for a bridal shower, a girl’s night out, or any spring fling! This pretty Oly*Fun fabric flower place setting can double as a lovely party favor!  Your guests can take their lovely basket of flowers home and enjoy them long after the event is over.

rainbow blanket

Rainbow Picnic Blanket

This picnic blanket is made with Oly*Fun to create rainbow stripes using reverse appliqué and quilt binding techniques. This blanket uses a rainbow of colors, but you could use any of the many Oly*Fun colors in your own design. This blanket will roll up small for travel, and expand large for picnics, festivals, concerts, and any outdoor event. Oly*Fun cuts like paper, making it great for a reverse appliqué technique that won’t fray.

spring projects with oly-fun

Garden Flag

Bring a touch of springtime charm to your garden with this delightful project: crafting a garden flag using Oly*Fun fabric! As the flowers bloom and the birds sing, what better way to celebrate the season than by adding a whimsical and personalized touch to your outdoor space? Whether you opt for a classic floral motif, a playful animal print, or a personalized monogram, the possibilities are endless with Oly-Fun fabric.

oly-fun play tent

Colorful Kids Play Tent

This play tent was a huge hit with my kids!  We kept it on our covered patio so the kids (and dogs!) can sit inside it and play or read books together.  Make a play mat, pouf, or several pillows to place inside the tent so the kids can be comfortable while they play and imagine in their colorful new tent! Add it to your list of spring projects to make now so you can enjoy it while the weather’s nice.

oly-fun fabric bowl

Fabric Flower Bowl

This project is a spring time twist on the fall leaf bowl project! Use flower dies with Oly*Fun fabric to make a colorful, unique bowl. It’s a great way to add a pop of color this spring and to store lightweight items inside. These would be fun in a craft room, too, to hold multiple items while adding some fresh floral color to the room.

spring projects made with Oly-Fun fabric

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with Oly*Fun fabric! As you continue on your spring projects crafting journey, remember that Oly*Fun fabric is always there, ready to lend its durable, vibrant qualities to your projects. With its endless possibilities and ease of use, this versatile material will remain a staple in your crafting arsenal this spring and throughout the seasons!

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